NXGIVE and the Montana VFW Merchant Services Initiative

Lower Your Costs While Supporting our Veterans

Every Credit Card Transaction is a Donation

Introducing NXGIVE.

This fundraising program allows you to Increase Revenue, Support Our Veterans and Lower Costs, all at the same time.

Think about this;

Where do the fees for credit card processing end up?

Why not have a portion of that money donated to your VFW?

NXGIVE is a simple residual program designed to create a recurring source of revenue back to the VFW community for the purpose of charitable contributions through merchant services.

How Can I Contribute?

The Montana VFW has created a merchant services program to help increase fundraising to our Posts.

Any business that accepts credit cards should participate!


  • Simply switch to NXGEN for your credit card processing. NXGEN guarantees to “meet or beat” your existing processing rates.


  • Refer a merchant to NXGEN by contacting VFW State Headquarters at (406)324-3992.


  • 20% of NXGEN’s revenue from EVERY credit card transaction will be donated to the Montana VFW.


  • This donation is coming out of NXGEN’s profit. Not by up-charging your Post or local businesses. Not by up-charging the Montana VFW.


The Montana VFW Merchant Services Initiative to Support Your Veteransprovides a way where everybody can help:

  • Merchants – any business in any industry and anywhere in the US that accepts payments via credit card can participate.


  • Consumers – Shop where you see the “Swipe Now to Support our Veterans Initiative” window stickers displayed. If a favorite merchant isn’t participating, suggest that they visit ( www.mtvfw.org – the merchant services web address that the MT VFW has created on their website.)