Agent Orange

Agent Orange Affects Our Descendants

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) has been putting on Town Hall meetings to educate veterans on the effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam Veterans and their families.  There have been two in Montana to date, one at Ft. Harrison and one in Kalispell.  State Commander Art Widhalm attended the meeting in Kalispell.  He got a package that was put together by the VVA and has since given it to the Department Service Officer.  There is a wealth of information from the Agent Orange/Dioxin and other Toxic Substances Committee posted on the VVA website at Orange.  All veterans and family members of veterans who were born after the veteran’s tour in Vietnam need to register with the VA.  Effects of the toxins are being seen in 3rd generation family members.  Point of contact for Montana VA is -Lisa Watts, Phone No 406-447-7421.  Information is also available at the VFW Service Office 406-495-2087/2084/2082.  If you are suffering from any of the illnesses recognized by the VA as connected to Agent Orange herbicide exposure and are not currently registered with the VA, contact our Service Officer, and he will assist you. 

            National Senate Bill S. 2738, National Center for Research on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Health Conditions of the Descendants of Individuals Exposed to Toxic Substances during Service in the Armed Services, is a bill introduced by Mr. Blumenthal which has been referred to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.  National House Bill H.R. 4816 is the House of Representatives bill with the same subject directing the VA to establish a national center for diagnosis, treatment and research of the health conditions of descendants of veterans exposed to toxic substances during their service in the Armed Forces, to provide certain services to those descendants, to establish an advisory board on exposure to toxic substances and for other purposes.  These bills were written to not only cover Vietnam veterans and their families, but all military personnel/veterans and their families who are suffering from exposure to toxic substances whether in combat, or stateside, since Vietnam.  Please urge your legislative representatives to support these bills when they come before Congress.